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It is my vision to revolutionize maternal care by recognizing and nurturing the profound connection between mental and maternal health. At Wellness from the Womb, I believe in taking a full-scale holistic approach, where mental health is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of maternal care. My mission is to provide unwavering support, guidance, and education to expectant mothers, empowering them to embrace their journey with confidence and joy. I envision a world where mental well-being is prioritized alongside physical health, resulting in healthier, happier, and more resilient mothers. By bridging the gap between mental and maternal health, I aim to transform the way society understands and supports this transformative phase of a woman's life.

Our Services


As your doula I will educate you on the role of a doula while discussing the many benefits and how it can be individualized to cater to your own unique experience.

Prenatal Support

We will discuss your wishes during labor and delivery. I will assist you in creating a personalized birth plan, providing educational resources, and supporting your physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy. As your doula I will help you feel confident and prepared for all kinds of outcomes knowing that you will make the best choices for you and your baby. I will respect your wishes and honor the unpredictable process of birth

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Our Services

Childbirth Education

I will provide you with information regarding the birthing process in order for you to make informed decisions that are in alignment with your values, beliefs, and wishes. During labor, I will be by your side, providing continuous support, guidance, and comfort measures tailored to your individual needs. We'll help create a serene and positive environment for you and your baby's arrival.

Lactation Support

We will discuss breastfeeding options as well as non breastfeeding. As your doula I will discuss and assist with latching, feeding, and milk supply.

Postpartum Support

The journey doesn't end at birth. I will support you in the crucial postpartum period, providing emotional support, breastfeeding assistance, and practical guidance to help you navigate this new chapter.

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Mobile Childcare

Mobile childcare services are offered at an additional cost. Childcare can be provided hourly or at a day rate with light housekeeping included.


As a certified First Aid, CPR, AED instructor I am qualified to provide training and certification/recertification.

Mental Health Services

Having an educational and professional background in mental health as a clinical psychotherapist, I understand the significance of mental well-being during the transition to motherhood. I am well versed in identifying and addressing postpartum mood disorders, along with offering compassionate support and connecting you to resources if needed.

**Services can be customized to fit your needs**

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Morgan, Newtown Square, PA

“So Glad we decided to get a doula. Shanae was excellent, having an advocate in the room was so helpful for myself and my husband. This was our first child, and having someone in the room with us who knew the process and could make recommendations was key. She was able to advocate for my needs during a stressful time. I honestly don't know if I could have done it without her. She stayed by my side for intense days and came over after for post-partum visits. She also took photos for us which was great to have after. If your on the fence about investing in having a doula, know that this is the best way to spend your money in terms of prepping and going through labor - so worth it and wouldn’t do it again without a doula!”

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Brittany, Brookhaven, Pa

“Shanae is amazing. Very persistent. Prompt and accommodating . I highly recommend her for your birthing needs and postpartum care! She even offers baby sitting. Very patient vibe and nurturing. I am so happy I chose her for my needs ♥️”

Imeiah, Philadelphia, PA

"Wellness from the Womb had the atmosphere set, music going, had them marching to formation (song by Beyonce), all while managing my natural birth pain!!!"

Doctors response at postpartum check: "That was the most exciting delivery, your doula did an amazing job, thats one delivery I'll never forget"

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About Me

My name is Shanae Adams, MA I am the owner and founder of Wellness from the Womb LLC. I am a professional birth doula and clinical psychotherapist with experience in providing comprehensive support during the childbirth journey as well as over 10 years experience in the mental health field as a therapist providing mental health support to children and families, while recognizing the interconnected link between maternal health and mental health. At Wellness from the Womb, I am dedicated to serving women, through a mission that encompasses mental health, maternal health, and the bridging of the gap between pro-birth and pro-life perspectives. My aim is to take a holistic and comprehensive approach, providing support and care for the entire woman and her baby throughout the life cycle from birth to adolescence creating overall WELLNESS FROM THE WOMB.

“It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men” Frederick Douglass